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Specialty Meats


 Williams Brothers Processes Some Specialty Meats as Well.  Look for the upcoming information on some of our exciting new products.

Buffalo (American Bison)






Williams Brothers Fresh Shipped Buffalo/Bison Meat!!!


Williams Brothers gets their Buffalo Meat
"Shipped Fresh" 
Directly from a small family owned company.
Western Buffalo Company


"Western Buffalo Company is a family owned meat processing business that is focused on processing and marketing buffalo (American Bison). Buffalo are purchased from within a 500 miles radius of our western South Dakota location. We have been active in the buffalo industry for 30 years. Our production is 150-200 head weekly. We promote this product to small and middle sized marketers nationwide. "

For more information on Western Buffalo Company's products visit:

Williams Brothers than takes that fresh Buffalo/Bison Meat and processes it the way you want it.  Fresh and in cuts ready for you to take home and prepare.  Check out our Buffalo Selection today!!



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